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6v6 Trick or Treat Volleyball Tournament



Welcome, you are registering for our 6v6 Trick or Treat Volleyball Tournament. 

The tournament is hosted indoors at the West Saint Paul Dome on October 30th from 10am to 4pm. 

The event is played on a tuff field, feels more like grass than astro turf. 

Registration will be open until October 25, 2021



  • Socks are  permitted so as long as the entire team wears sock 
  • Leggings and long sleeve shirts are recommended.
  • Knee pads not required but if you dive a lot, it is recommended. 



 Is $30 per player, and is open to team or free agent registration.

Team Captains when you register have your players names ready - a minimum of 6 names will be required. 

Free Agent Teams will have no more than 6 players to a team.

If there is a free agent not assigned to a team, registered teams can pick up free agents. 


Championship Prize:

Starts at $300 with 4 teams, increases $50 for each registered team


Seeding Play

  • Rally Scoring
  • 2 matches first to 15 wins in each set, no third set in seeding rounds. 
  • Matches have a 30 minute limit to keep games flowing. If the 2nd match is not completed by the end of 30 minutes the team with the highest score wins. 
  • Seeding is typically 5- 7 matches before elimination play. 
  • 2 timeouts permitted during each set 
  • Games are self officiated during seeding play, but a coordinator will be available for rules clarification.
  • No doubles, palming of the ball, lifting, attacking a serve or touching the net. 
  • Must rotate the serve. 
  • No girl rule in this tournament but teams will have to have 3 guys, 3 girls in it. 
  • Seeding
    • Head to Head Tie Breaker unless multiple teams are tied in standings.
    • Points Differential
    • Points Against


Single Elimination Play

  • Rally Scoring
  • Re-Seeding in every round. Lowest seed vs the Highest remaining seed. 
  • 2 sets of play in elimination, first team to 25, 3rd set if there was a tie, then the third set is to 15 with a cap to 17. 
  • Officials are provided in the elimination rounds. 


Please direct questions to: