Nexus Sports

Open Court Volleyball


Welcome to open court volleyball at the West Saint Paul Dome

All participants of open pickup must be register members of Nexus Sports if you are not a registered member you will need to go to to create your member profile to sign up. 



The registration for this event is open for volleyball registrants who want to play volleyball for the dates of 


  • Nov 11th (6-8PM) or (8-10PM)
  • Nov 21st (6-8PM) or (8-10PM)
  • Dec  5th (6-8PM) or (8-10PM)
  • Dec 12th (6-8PM) or (8-10PM)
  • Dec 19th (6-8PM) or (8-10PM)



Upon registering you will be asked if you are signing up for what time slots. Participants may only choose either option or both. The entry fee is $7 for each 2hr block of play.

Participants maybe 16 years of age or older to play in open pickup games. 

Once you are signed up you will be placed onto a signup roster, you will be notified via email when you have been added to a roster.


You will need your credit or debit card ready to sign up to play and reserve your spot. If you do not show up that is not the responsibility of Nexus Sports and there are no refunds.


Registered and paid players are the only ones who will be permitted on the field. 

We will initially set up 2 courts to allow up to 24 participants per block time, if we need to expand to 3 or 4 courts we will do so if registration fills up for a particular night.  We can host up to 48 participants per 2 hour block period. 

Participants can expect a 10-minute delay in starting to get the court set up, and a 10 minute cut off in the second group to tear down. 

Due to increased numbers in Covid Cases, we are asking that spectators are limited to 1 spectator per participant and that they must wear a mask when not in play and must maintain 6' of social distancing. 

Registration for this event will be open from 11/11/2020 to noon on 12/19/2020

Individuals who can not sign up before noon the day of an event will have the option to pay at the door for $10 per 2hr block of time. They will still need to be a Nexus Sports Member to participate. 


Rules and Guidelines

After registering for a slot of time, plan to arrive at the dome no earlier than 10 minutes to your assigned time. We ask that you are respectful to the time slot of other renters and users of the field.

We want to mitigate the number of participants in the dome and follow guidelines set forth by our state and local authorities regarding group assemblies. 

When you arrive you will want to check in with our staff at the front of the entrance. 

  • Temp Check 
  • Roster Verification

From the entrance you will go through the carousel doors and take a right and follow the track down to the volleyball fields, which will be set up on the opposite side of a drawn net.  

Volunteer Staff will need to set up the courts the first hour, and it takes approximately 10-15 minutes to do, you are welcome to warm up and stretch as this is being done. 

Games will proceed once nets are set, if individuals are late that is on them, games should start as soon as there are at least 4 people to a side to field a game. 

During pickup games, we will allow groups to manage their own rotations of players, you can play as a set team for some games but it is highly recommended to rotate players through the different players that are playing on the same level of play. 

Players are expected to play within the general rules of the game of 6v6 volleyball.  

  • No lifts, or carries
  • No serving across the line
  • No contact with the net

If individuals are signed up for a one-time slot (6-8 pm), they are to respect the sign-up time and leave the court so that those who have signed up for more time can play. If you wish to extend your time, please check in with our staff and they will add you to the grouping. 

It is important that this is maintained as we also need to maintain good contact tracing for who played at what time. 

For individuals who sign up for the last half of play, you can arrive at the dome 10 minutes in advance of your playtime to stretch and warm-up.  Play will end at 9:45 so we can begin the break down of the field as we have to be completely off the field by 10 pm for the group after us. 


Food and Drink

Water and Sports drinks are permitted, snacks and food is not.



Restrooms are available at the facility, by the vending machines



1 spectator per participant, no unattended minors.   Spectators must wear masks and maintain social distancing for the duration of the time they are on site.   The policies regarding spectators may change at any moment's notice based upon the guidelines of our local, and state authorities.


Please direct questions to:, or call 763.285.3099