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Turkey Trot Volleyball Registration

Welcome to Nexus Sports Turkey Trot Volleyball registration form.

Teams will be registering to compete in an 8 team tournament.  We will offer an upper and lower bracket tournament. The lower bracket will play earlier in the day 9 am to 3 pm and the upper will play from 2 pm to 10 pm assuming both brackets fill up. 


The setup is that each team will play 2 sets against all 7 teams in their bracket. Teams will progress into single elimination rounds by standing rankings - first standings, then head to head then points against.  


During pool play games will be first to 15 points. 


Matches will promptly start at the bottom and top of each hour.


This will be an endurance tournament as teams will play as many as 16 sets with minimum breaks between games.  Teams may want to consider an additional player to their 6 minimum. 



Rosters must be submitted by 11.27.20, all players must be registered members of Nexus Sports to participate. Registered players must be at least 16 years of age to participate. Minors must have parental consent to participate.  Teams may have any combination of gender players but must have at least 2 girls on their team and in play on the court.


Pool Play Games:

Will be officiated on the honor system.

Rally Scoring first to 15.

Fouls are called for:

  • Making contact with the net
  • Guy, guy touch with no girl contact on a return.
  • Carries, and Lifts
  • Serving fouls - over the line.


Elimination Games:

Will be officiated. 

  • Players must have participated in at least 4 pool playsets to be eligible for elimination play. 
  • Rally Scoring - to 25 points with a cap to 27, the third set is played first to 21 if the first two sets are split between teams.


Games will be played at the West Saint Paul Dome.

The courts are played on turf and for those who like to play grass tournaments, this is similar in the environment, with the exception that you won't slip on this turf, and it's even ground. 

The turf is synthetic turf, not carpet or astroturf. 

For this environment, it is recommended to wear athletic footwear or turf shoes. Cleats are not approved for this type of play.  Socks are permitted if all players on the team wear socks.  NO BARE FEET.



Please direct questions to: or call 763.285.3099